The Pendleton Foundation is dedicated to helping meet the financial needs of Coachella Valley residents suffering from cancer. Karen Pendleton, the namesake, was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei, a highly aggressive form of colon cancer. Her experiences while seeking treatment brought to light the great need for support, both financial and emotional, for those battling cancer. Due to the rarity of her cancer, Karen’s insurance would not cover the experimental surgery to help her fight her disease. The Pendletons recognized a local need for a foundation to help patients with cancer. That’s why they created The Pendleton Foundation — so that other Coachella Valley residents like Karen would have resources to help them beat the odds.

To date, BIGHORN BAM has given $270,000 to The Pendleton Foundation. All cancer recipients for The Pendleton Foundation are screened and approved by Alison Mayer Sachs, MSW, CSW, OSW-C, Community Outreach and Patient Support Services Director, Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center.

We have so many amazing cancer patients that genuinely need every ounce of hope, love and support. From Ann Dunn, a breast cancer survivor who had to move to the desert so her son could help take care of her while she fought her disease and needed help with rent for a while, to the couple out in Mecca who had given up hope and thought no one was going to come and save the husband that was battling liver cancer.

Or the brave Coachella Valley parents whose two-year-old son, Isaiah battled a rare form of cancer for several years at St. Jude and sold everything they had to pay for treatment and expenses. They needed beds and rent upon returning home to their family. The young couple just needed a leg up so they could keep their heads above water and have now returned to school so they can help other families undergoing similar situations.