There is incredible goodness that comes from BIGHORN BAM’s support to Eisenhower patients. None of us will ever know all the subtleties of the psychological and physical good that BAM does for so many others less fortunate or those who simply hurt or are weak. God bless all of you who make a difference in these patients’ lives.

A middle-aged retired school teacher found himself homeless due to his alcoholism. Sick and frightened, he found his way to Martha’s Village and Kitchen where they took him in, provided clothing, a safe clean place to sleep and during a medical check-up they found he was quite ill. Sent to Eisenhower, he was diagnosed with head and neck cancer and was referred to the BIGHORN Radiation Oncology Center. This unfortunate gentleman, weakened by years of living on the streets and the cancer he was fighting, was determined to get to his cancer treatments and “do better in his life.” Initially he took the bus to his daily radiation treatments but the bus schedule was erratic at best. It was summer, and he was sick, hot, tired and often left waiting for buses with no shelter at the bus stops. He began to miss his appointments. Because of BAM’s funds to cover transportation, the Radiation staff was able to identify his need and immediately step in to offer him transportation. As his Oncology Social Worker, Pam van der Nagel stated, “Thanks to BAM, we were able to give him that shot of hope that no one else had for him so he could get his life back on track.”

LandesAn Infusion Center & Radiation Department patient was diagnosed with bladder cancer at age 84. His elderly partner/care giver was barely able to care for himself, let alone help care for his sick loved one. The patient was not able to move easily from home to car, car to wheelchair, wheelchair to cancer treatments for radiation & chemotherapy treatments. His partner was overwhelmed physically and emotionally and was starting to break down as he tried to care for his loved one. Thanks to BAM, Eisenhower was able to step in to provide transportation that offered tremendous relief for both patient and loved one.