BAM Tournament

$1.285 MILLION HAS BEEN RAISED FOR CANCER IN 5 MONTHS! An astounding $4.5 million fundraising mark  over 7 years!

The future of BIGHORN BAM is bright and Eisenhower is committed to serving the 25,000 patients seen annually at their Lucy Curci Cancer Center. While growing their space to accommodate a High Risk Breast Clinic, developing Breast Imaging Research, promoting physical education to the community and creating a healing environment, providing high-performance equipment is still the core of Eisenhower’s needs. Your belief and dedication to helping the women of this valley stay healthy and live bountiful lives is awe-inspiring!

BIGHORN BAM’s 2013-2014 fundraising dollars benefited The Pendleton Foundation and Eisenhower Medical Center. The Pendleton Foundation received $150,000 to help cancer patients relieve some of the financial burdens while affording their treatments. In addition,
BIGHORN BAM has given $1,000,000 to the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center to support a Giotto Mammography machine, allowing the patient additional comfort and ease during biopsies in the new BIGHORN BAM procedure suite.

2014 Program Update