BIGHORN Behind A Miracle, 10 Years of Miracles

Now entering its 10th anniversary, BIGHORN Behind A Miracle (BAM) was created by a group of women who supported BIGHORN Member Selby Dunham and her fight as a breast cancer survivor. A survivor from day one, she is an 11-year survivor. At their initial meeting, the team decided they wanted to make a significant impact on the desert by supporting local cancer patients.

“BIGHORN BAM has been a miracle since its beginnings,” shares Selby, addressing a crowd of supporters. “Every single one of you are miracles! Our words are heartfelt and hardly seem adequate to describe our GRATITUDE to all of you for your overwhelming big-heartedness, compassion, love, and support for those fighting cancer in the Coachella Valley. We are proud to consistently support Eisenhower Medical Center who takes care of 30,000 patients seen annually at the Schnitzer/Novack Breast Center. Because of your generosity, lives will be saved; because you care, cancer survivors will live longer; and because of your compassion, cancer patients that need support will have it!”

In the past nine years, BAM’s donations have helped turn the Schnitzer/Novack Breast Center into one of the premier breast centers in the country. Diagnostic equipment, genetic counseling, and their extensive support programs are far superior to most university-based breast centers. “Thanks to all of you, we have the very best technology right here in our own backyard!” says Selby.

In addition, hundreds of patients are able to focus on healing rather than how they are going to pay for food, gas, or rent through our donations to The Pendleton Foundation. An exciting $6.5 million has been raised and has stayed locally helping patients in the Valley.

Support BIGHORN BAM today by purchasing A Miracle on El Paseo ticket or giving a donation above. For more information please call 760-610-8218.

2016 Program Update